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Indian Classical Music Learning Media.
Indian Ocean. Live in Delhi. DVD. $15.00
NTSC Format. Duration : 110 Minutes.
It's a first in the history of contemporary Indian music. Indian Ocean has set a number of trends in the past. And here it is with another one.
Hot off the presses. A 110 minute rocking ride through some of the band's best-loved numbers.
The DVD is a two hour presentation of a concert performed by the band at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi.

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Vrindavan. $10.00
A Musical Interpretation by Ace Flautist, Pandit Ronu Majumdar.
Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
India's Ace Flautist, Pandit Ronu Majumdar needs no introduction to Music Lovers all over the Globe.
This album transports you to a zone where divinity reigns supreme and produces a balmy effect there by taking us on a Spiritual Journey.
By virtue of  his phenomenal talent, he and the Flute are literally synonymous.
Krishna Dancing with the Flute. Pandit Ronu Majumdar. $12.95 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Ishq Ki Nayee Bahar. Zila Khan. $10.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Lao Mehndiyan 2. 2 CD Set. Minu Bakshi. $15.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Flute Ecstasy.  Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. $10.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Into the Light. Jyotir Gamaya. Deepa Nair. $10.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Deepa Nair's first solo release, these nine exotic melodic pieces from her expressive Indian Classically trained voice are framed in a unique blend of Western Chillout/Orchestral/Classical Styles using both Indian and Western instruments. Beautiful Raga based phrases provide the sublime emotions, and the result is a sound of universal appeal. Produced & arranged by Craig Pruess at the Heaven on Earth Music Studios for that usual spaciously clear production. Deepa is known previously for her vocal work on the #1 UK & Indian feature film, "Bride & Prejudice", and also Pt Ravi Shankar & George Harrison's album, "Chants of India".
Features fine UK and India musician performances from: Tony Pleeth, Pandit Ronu Majumdar, Deepak Pandit, Manjit Rasiya, Ben Pruess, Surjit Singh and, of course, Craig Pruess.
Kaali. Veena Sahasrabuddhe. $10.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Mangal. Dosh Nivaran. Aarti Ankalikar. $10.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Tribute to Shafaat Ahmed Khan. Kamal Sabri. $7.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Sarangi Funk. Kamal Sabri. $10.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Bandish. Gauri Pathare. $10.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
A short composition sung in Khayal form of Indian Classical Music is called Bandish. Each Raga is sung in its own unique Bandish.
Bandish is mostly composed by the leading artiste of the Gharanas and varies from Gharana to Gharana. Featuring Gauri Pathare with her soulful voice, the mesmerising tracks of this album easily invigorate the feeling of love, yearning and longing into the hearts of listeners. With a bouquet of immortal Ragas in the form of Bandish, this album is the best spa to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.
Classical Moments. $7.00
Presenting ...
Rakesh Chaurasia - Flute, Abhijit Pohankar - Keyboards, Vijay Ghate - Tabla.
  Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Taalworks. Vineet Vyas. $12.00 Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Mesmerizing Maestros. $10.00
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ustad Zakir Hussain.
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Folk Melodies of India. $10.00
Langas & Manganiars, Maithi Bai and Hemant Chauhan.
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Pushkar. The Holy Land of Bramha the Creator. $7.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Mehram. In Search for Love. $10.00
Featuring ..... Meenal Jain.
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Bansuri. Pandit Ronu Majumdar. $10.00   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !
Maestro's Best Jugalbandi. Pandit Ronu Majumdar. $12.95   Click, to hear mp3 Music Clip !

Information Media.
Raga Unveiled. India's Voice. $37.99
The History and Essence of North Indian Classical Music.
A visually beautiful film that brings the Artistry and Origins of India Raga Music alive.
Raga Unveiled : 2 DVD Set. Shot in HD.
Running Time 4 Hours. 20 Minutes.
Format : NTSC and Pal. Compatible World Wide.
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Yoga Unveiled. $37.99
A Documentary by Gita Desai.
5000 years of knowledge presented in the visually beautiful film.
Yoga Unveiled : 2 DVD Set.
Running Time 3 Hours. 15 Minutes.

Format : NTSC.
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The Wonder that is Sanskrit.  2 Interactive CD - Rom Set. $39.95
CD 1. Devabhasha - the Language of the Gods.
CD 2. Ashtavadhanam - the Eight-fold Concentration.
Rhapsody of Waves. Beaches of Kerala. DVD. $14.00
Mist clad mountains, blue seas, golden beaches, tranquil backwaters and gushing rivers are some of the natural attractions that make Kerala unique in the eyes of a visitor. The tiny state is flanked by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. This south Indian state has a coastline of about 600 kms  dotted with breathtaking beaches, some of which are located close to fishing villages. Fishing is the primary occupation of the people in the coastal belt of Kerala. There are hundreds of fishing villages spread along the coast and thousands make a living out of the sea.
Each beach of  Kerala offers a different ambience and different experience. The beaches of Kerala have the capacity to fill a visitor\'s heart with profound serenity. World weary travellers forget their cares in the lilting lullabies of the white surf and blue waves.
Rhapsody of Colors. The Festivals of Kerala. DVD. $14.00
Nature�s bounty is not the only reason why Kerala is God's Own Country. It is also a land of festivals, replete with colours and sounds and spectacular sights. Festivals had been interwoven with the culture and tradition of the land from time immemorial.
In Kerala, many festivals are celeberated as part of temple rituals.

Rhapsody of Beats. Percussion instruments of Kerala. DVD. $14.00
Percussion instruments can be termed as almost all pervasive in the world of music. It is essentially a means for rhythm, which is vital to most forms of music. The sounds, vibrations and the tone of percussion instruments vary according to the size and nature of materials used to make them.
Most of the percussion instruments used in Kerala are chiefly made of wood and with playing surfaces made of animal skin. The instruments are played either with sticks or with fingers and palms of the hand or a combination of all the three. Among them one could find unique ones like the Mizhavu, the popular Chenda, the divine Thimila, the classical Mridangam and the smallest of percussion instruments used in Kerala � Thappu.
This video film showcases percussion instruments of Kerala with highlights on its manufacturing, style of playing, traditions attached and their role in the socio-cultural and religious life of Kerala, India.
Theyyam. A ritual art form of Kerala. DVD. $14.00
Theyyam, is an ancient ritualistic dance form, which originated in North Kerala or Malabar especially in the districts of Kannur and Kasaragod. This region was part of the princely state of erstwhile Kolathunadu.
The word Theyyam is believed to have been evolved from the word Daivam, which means God in Malayalam language. It is deeply rooted in ancient tribal cultures, which attach great importance to the worship of heroes and the spirits of ancestors. This ritual art form is an integral part of the people of Malabar and is usually performed in front of the village shrines and also in the premises of ancestral houses. The benediction given by Theyyam in its frenzied trance is believed to be received from the God or Goddess in person. With its unique mix of dance, music and mime Theyyam influences the local society profoundly.

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