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Yoga Unveiled. $19.95
A Documentary by Gita Desai.
5000 years of knowledge presented in the visually beautiful film.
Yoga Unveiled : 2 DVD Set.
Running Time 3 Hours. 15 Minutes.
Format : NTSC.
From the creators of Raga Unveiled this Stunning and Informative Documentary.
Yoga Unveiled, is a breathtaking journey of sight and sound that illuminates the essence of yoga as its creators understood it thousands of years ago.
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Yoga Unveiled Reviews ..........
Yoga ..... No longer an obscure discipline only practiced by mystics, yoga now occupies a central place on the world stage. Few practitioners, however, are aware of yoga's remarkable potential as a vehicle for personal transformation.
About Yoga Unveiled .....
Harnessing the colorful commentary of the most prominent yoga scholars, teachers and medical experts, Yoga Unveiled reveals how yoga began, tells the story of yoga's passage to the West, describes its numerous branches, recounts the fascinating biographies of the foremost yoga masters, and explores yoga's astonishing medical potential.
Stunning cinematography, ornate visual displays, and stirring music create a truly enchanting viewing experience. The great devotees of yoga grace the screen with their profound wisdom and delightful manner.
Yoga Unveiled also features commentary by .....
Krishna Das, Dr. Herbert Benson, Edwin Bryant, Subhash Kak, Vasant Lad,
Dr. Timothy McCall, Larry Payne, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Father Joe Pereira, Swami Sivananda, Dr. Martina Ziska, and Dharma Mittra.
Yoga Unveiled is a unique look at the oldest spiritual practice in the world.
Features of Yoga Unveiled .....
1. What is Yoga ?
The experts define yoga in their own words.
2. Origins of Yoga.
An overview of the formation of the yogic philosophy in ancient India.
Extensive commentary by Georg Feuerstein, Subhash Kak, and Edwin Bryant, the foremost yoga scholars.
Archival footage of the excavation of the Indus Valley Civilization, the birthplace of yoga.
An exploration of the Vedas and Upanishads, the ancient sacred texts which gave rise to yoga.
3. The Branches of Yoga.
Detailed commentary on Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Raja yoga, Tantra yoga, and Hatha yoga.
The great modern masters and scholars share their insights on each branch.
Rare archival footage of the great Swami Sivananda.
4. The Passage from East to West.
A biography of Swami Vivekananda, who introduced yoga to America.
Old photos, newspaper reviews, and Swami Vivekananda's speeches at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago.
5. Modern Yoga.
The life of Krishnamacharya, who preserved the ancient tradition of yoga and trained the greatest modern yoga masters, including his old footage. The biographies of Krishnamacharya's great disciples, Indra Devi, B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and Desikachar, including footage of each. The story of how each Yogi brought Yoga to the West. Insightful commentary about the place of yoga in the modern world.
6. Yoga and Modern Medicine.
Interviews with the pioneers in the field, including Dr. Dean Ornish, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Herbert Benson, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Father Joe Pereira, among others.
An overview of their alternative medicine programs.
Credits .....
Yoga Unveiled is graced by the soulful music of Ashit Desai. You can visit Ashit Desai's Mind-Body-Soul Collection on-line at One World Trading. You will find an eclectic selection of his CD's devoted to meditation and spiritual awareness. Ashit Desai creates soul-searching divine music using traditional Indian Classical structures along with modern elements.
Some recommended titles include: Divinity, Trinity, Eternity, Purity, Serenity, Mystical Om and Sacred Mantras of India.
Co-Producer: Shimit Amin.
Written by: Gita Desai.
Editor: Esther Russell.
Script: Sujay Desai.
Cinematography: Sameer Sarkar, Dean Batchelder, Alison Hornbeek.
Music: Ashit Desai, Michael Karp.
Sound Edit and Mix: Mike Damon.
Narration: Ajay Mehta.
Graphics and Package Design: Anu R. Sharma.
Screenings .....
For screening Yoga Unveiled for public viewing please Contact Raga Unveiled directly at ..... to go through the Protocol.

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