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Customer Feedback !
Below are E - Mails received from One World Trading Customers from around the World.
If you like our Customer Service, Products and the way we do Business,  please let us know.
If you unsatisfied with Customer Service, Products and the way we do Business,  please let us know so we can make it Right !
Dear Kirti,
The Kites arrived today.
First I must say thank you personally for your help and friendliness. You have made me very impressed with the way you do business. Nothing is too much trouble for you.
The kites arrived very well protected in their box. You had taken a great deal of trouble to pack them in plastic and then use tape to keep them secure in their shipping box.
The kites are very well made. In fact they are the best I have seen ! I look forward to flying them but at the moment we have winds which are too wild. I will try to make sure you get some pictures of your kite flying above Durdle Door in Dorset, UK.
Best wishes,
Dorset, U. K.
I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the wonderful kites.
All 11 kites came in great shape and look fantastic! A couple I bought more as a display, and they are absolutely beautiful. Your shipping was superb and super fast [only 2 days from Texas to Michigan], and the care you took in packaging was exceptional. Each kite or maybe two kites together were individually wrapped. Unbelievable. I will definitely order more Fighter Kites from you in the future !
Have a great day.
Thomas Van Bruggen
Muskegon, Michigan.
Kirti .....
Today, I got some Bansuris from you : one Jeff Whittier's flute and one free Bansuri from your Old [Historical] Collection. This afternoon, after some hours of playing, I discovered some important things about the Bansuri. One was how lovely and peaceful the sound of the Bamboo Flute is. Other was how amazing your work really is: Through the Fine Flutes to Concert Flutes you change and improve the quality of many lives around the world. My heart was pricked by your extraordinary craft, books and music, so my way to thank you is sharing this gift of life [and faith] with others.

Thanks a lot for your extraordinary kindness.
Mexico City. Mexico.
Kirti ..........
Several months ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to play an Indian Bamboo Flute. I have no idea what caused me to think this, except that the sound of the flute occurred to me during a meditation session thus, I wanted to have access to such peaceful feelings anywhere at any time. So I needed a flute of my own !! Even just thinking about the sound resonating in my head and chest will pull me back into a quieter state at any time during the day. I found your company on-line and you and I had a series of e-mails back & forth to help assure I purchased the right flute. And I feel confident that the one we selected was right for me. My sister is a concert flute player and repairs flutes as a side-line. When I asked her to play my new instrument, she was immediately impressed. She had played numerous other wooden flutes, but none were as playable, as pleasant sounding as my New Bansuri. I've just ordered a second flute, which is pitched a good deal lower. The anticipation of receiving a second such instrument pleases me greatly. I'm grateful for your help and for carrying several excellent lines of instruments. You help bring peace into the world.
Randy Lyons.

Westchester, PA. USA.
I am a long time student of Yoga and Meditation. I have been a professional musician for many years and play a Concert Silver Flute, Recorders, Irish Whistles, Pan Pipes, and the Chinese Xiao and Dizi.
After becoming interested in playing the Bansuri flute, I was encouraged to purchase my 1st flute from One World Trading by my teacher, Steve Gorn. I received my flute in excellent condition and the sound the flute was better than any flute I had ever heard before. It was rich sounding. As my experience progressed, I became sure that #1 I needed to purchase a whole set of flutes and #2, that I would purchase them from Kirti. Why ? My life has been given to dharma and it is rare to find someone who not only has the highest quality flutes but also someone who has given me great guidance in the selection of purchasing my flutes, even if it meant that I would purchase one of the flutes that was cheaper in price. I have to this date purchased around a dozen flutes from Kirti ..... if I wasn't satisfied with a particular flute, Kirti readily sent me a exchange flute immediately. I am now the proud owner of flutes from both Pratap Gujar and Subash Thakur.
I will continue to purchase any future flutes from Kirti, as I want to support how a dharmic business should be run and also because I know that I will continue to experience the consistent quality of service that Kirti always provides.
Kirti is a true man of integrity and his products are of the highest quality.
With Great Respect,
Ruben Giron.
NY City, NY. USA.
I am a Professional Jazz Bassist and Shakuhachi Player near Washington, D.C., who has loved Indian music for many years.  Last year, I bought a Fusion Bansuri as a gift for a teacher and unexpectedly sparked my own desire to play the instrument. On the beginning leg of my Bansuri path, Kirti L. Shah has become my most trusted resource. I have now bought three additional Subhash Thakur Bansuri from Kirti. All are simply magnificent instruments. Beautifully crafted and tuned with a sound that simply inspires me every time, I pick them up.
So, if you are in the market for a Bansuri, look no further than One World Trading and Kirti L. Shah. His personalized customer service and attention to detail are absolutely first rate. I dare say it, fearing his prices will go up, but these superb Bansuri are also a terrific bargain !
Thanks Kirti, you've earned a customer for life !
Adam Friedman.
Fairfax, VA. USA.
A quick note of thanks for my recent experience with and the kites, I bought.
First, I'd like to laud Kirti, for your incredible integrity and flawless execution of our e-commerce transaction. I ordered the Fusion and Fusion Buka Fighters on September 17, 2007 and received a confirmation E-Mail within an hour. The tone of your E-Mail and the quickness of your reply convinced me of your integrity and commitment to a
rewarding online transaction. My experience was certainly that.
I received my kites on September 21, 2007 and they are beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase anything from your site or to recommend you to others.
I wanted to also thank Bruce Lambert, from the incredible design of Fusion Fighters. I was a little daunted at putting my own bridles on but the PDF File, complete with mounting template, made it so easy. I'd set aside an hour to do it but finished a Fusion Fighter and a Buka in about 20 minutes.
I just got out to fly them for the first time, yesterday.
WOW ! I was a little afraid of it but the Fusion Buka is a lot of fun and so quick that it made me look like I knew what I was doing when, in fact, I was just trying to keep it out of the trees. Thank you for the contribution of your design and the documentation that made the Fusion Kites such a rewarding experience.
Kirti and Bruce, you  have both added immensely to my pleasure where fighter kite flying is concerned.
Kip Williams
San Diego, CA. USA.
Greetings Kirti :
I have received the Beautiful Fusion Flute, you sent me. The instrument is fantastic. My intial attempts have been fairly successful in that I have been able to reach notes throughout the first 2 Octaves. So I feel confident that some focused practice will ultimately allow me to play each note cleerly and easily.
My first impression is that the flute moves very easily between octaves, the sound is crisp and clear. I think the fit of the flute is good . Only slight stretching and adjusting is while plaing is needed.
Thank You very much for providing me with such a beautiful and well crafted Flute.
Kind Regards,
Doug Snow.
Guerneville, CA. U.S.A.
I have known Kirti L. Shah and One World Trading. for a couple of years now, and would like to share some of my thoughts. I have been involved with music and musical instruments for close to fifty years. For ten years I was a flute maker of concert quality instruments; mostly Native American Flutes with some excursions into end blown flutes of China, South America, and Japan. These days, I dedicate myself to playing the Bansuri and the study of Indian Music.
Kirti L. Shah has proven to be an invaluable and essential part of this journey. The short answer: he has been a God-sent and a true blessing.
I am very particular about flutes and Kirti, has surprised me time and time again, with his willingness and eagerness to go the extra mile. Additionally, he has worked with me on some of my limitations to an extent that is way beyond that of the usual seller/client relationship. The flutes that I have, I have because of Kirti's exceptional nature and spirit - not merely because he has flutes to sell.
A man of honor, respect, integrity, and generosity. Kirti Shah is clearly a rarity - I feel quite fortunate to have found him. It is obvious that this is not just a business to him, there is a passion and love for the flute; an abiding care for people; and perhaps something akin to a vocation or calling.
In many old cultures, there is a recognition of the 'sacredness' of the flute. In Hindu culture it is said that the Bansuri is God's instrument and that God chooses those who are to be a part of it. I believe that Kirti L. Shah is one such man. His person and actions embody the heart and spirit of the flute.
So, why is it important to buy flutes from such a person?  Bamboo flutes are organic; no two alike and some are better than others. Even among the top makers there is a variety of quality. Most people do not have the option of traveling to a source of flutes and auditing a selection themselves. Buying instruments on-line is an excursion into the unknown:  It is important to know that a flute purveyor is trustworthy as well as knowledgeable.
His discovery of a large cache of 'old flutes' has been a blessings to many in the Bansuri community.  Some of these flutes are quite nice - I have several. The sound of old bamboo is smooth and sweet - if it were a taste it would be like aged bourbon!
With much gratitude, good hopes and prayers for Kirti and his Family.
Daniel Jarvis.
Flute Maker and Musician.
Eugene, Oregon. U.S.A.
Kirti, I want to thank you for providing such good service in mailing me the kites I ordered. The kites are great .... better than I ever expected and they arrived so quickly ...... and your prices are so reasonable ! Many Thanks for providing such good products and service ..... I really appreciate it !
BigGrins !!
Bruce Lambert.
Yakima, Washington. U.S.A.
Kirti, Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the wonderful kites. All 11 kites came in great shape and look fantastic ! A couple ... I bought more as a display, and they are absolutely beautiful. Your shipping was superb and super fast [only 2 days from Texas to Michigan], and the care you took in packaging was exceptional. Each kite or maybe two kites together were individually wrapped. Unbelievable. I will definitely order more fighter kites from you in the future !
Have a Great Day !
Thomas Van Bruggen
Muskegon, Michigan. U.S.A.
As a concert-recording artist in the field of European Contemporary Classical Music, I have had the honor of working with some of the greatest artists in the world today. While the majority of my experiences have been here in the West, I can say that on occasion there is the opportunity to encounter an individual whose honor and integrity are without borders. Kirti Shah is one such man, possessing an integrity as timeless and profound as the tradition he represents.
The element of quiet trust Mr. Shah bestows upon each client as part of the process of choosing an instrument, imparts an essence of reverence and sanctity reminiscent of times past, where all where treated with the respect of artists and trusted equals. Much could be learned from this man in this day and age. As an established performer and recording artist of 26+ years, I can personally attest as to the quality of instruments Mr. Shah offers. With the highest regard given to the individual �fit� of each bansuri to the prospective new owner, Mr. Shah represents the mark that all artisans SHOULD aspire. Anyone in the market for a new or vintage bansuri, whether first-time buyer or seasoned virtuoso, would be foolish not to take into account the considerable knowledge, insight and resources of Kirti Shah.
With all best wishes and much continued success. Be well.
Carlton Vickers.
The Maurice Abravanel Visiting Distinguished Composers Series.
Canyonlands New Music Ensemble.
Utah Symphony Orchestra.
"One World Flutes is an exceptional resource for excellent, fine quality bansuri flutes and a various froms of world music - from ambient and meditative to world fusion. They are prompt, responsive to customer feedback and always a joy to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Dr. Michael DeMaria.
Psychologist, Author and Recording Artist.
Not only are One World Bansuri Flutes an exceptional instrument at a great value, Kirti Shah is a man of honor and a wonderful human being. If you do not get the flute that is right for you on the first time around, he will immediately work on getting you a flute that is most suitable for you. This is a very rare thing in this day and age to have such a commitment to his customers.
Peter Phippen.
Canyon Records Recording Artist / World Flutes Specialist.
I purchased a handful of bamboo flutes from One World Flutes last year in low, middle and high ranges. I am very pleased with their sound and play-ability. I use them to double with, along side my main instrument, Native American Flutes ... adding to a world flute collection. The best thing is that Kirti allowed me to play them before purchasing. Very helpful - Very cool.
Be Blessed !!
Mark Holland.
"Thank you, Kirti ! I am really enjoying my Bansuris. Kudos on your Craftsmanship !"
Dr.  Kathleen Joyce - Grendahl.
Virginia. U.S.A.
Hello Kirti: I would like to thank you so much for the very personalized recent transaction. Though I have some experience with other flutes, I am a newcomer to the Bansuri Flutes. You were most gracious in helping me out, and took the time answering all my questions, and your replies to my emails were without exception always answered so very promptly. You were incredibly quick in shipping, and overall as good of a person to do business with on the internet as anyone I've ever done business with. Your flutes, by the way are great ! Will continue doing business with you in the foreseeable future ! Thanks so much for everything !!!
Wes James.
Atlantic Beach, Florida.
Many thanks and praise to Kirti on a great website and business ! I ordered a Pandit G. S. Sachdev Special Edition Flute from One World Trading on Monday night and it went in the mail promptly on Tuesday and it arrived in my mailbox Thursday morning!  Kirti, was very responsive in helping me find the right flute case and letting me know the status of my order. This is all secondary, of course, to the product, which is a high quality Bansuri at the best price I could find.  I look forward to many years of inspired playing.  Taken together I would highly recommend One World Trading to all those looking for Indian flutes and music, and I am sure that I will be purchasing more from Mr. Shah soon !!!
John Morales.
New York, NY. U.S.A.
I am very pleased with my One World Flutes experience ! My order was processed the same day and shipped the next. Kirti, the owner, was in constant contact about the status of the shipment. The flute was well packaged and when I opened it, I was delighted to see what a beautiful instrument, world class I had purchased ! I have found One World Flutes, to be perhaps the finest musical instrument distributor with whom I have worked. I would recommend One World Flutes to anybody!
Richard B. Ball.
aka Dr. IGG!'s brother. ..... Before the Rain, Aggressive World - Beat Jazz.
"My name is Erika and I am a Native American Flute musician and teacher. I ordered my first Bansuri flute from One World Flutes and was very happy with the prompt & personable service I received. Because this was my first Bansuri flute, I had several questions about what key to order, the size and spacing of the finger holes, etc. Kirti, was very helpful and responsive to all my questions. I ended up ordering the Professional C n and was thrilled to begin playing it 3 days later! I absolutely love this flute - the tone is wonderful and clear and really enjoy the unique sound it creates. I will definitely order more Bansuri Flutes from One World as the quality, service and price are unbeatable !"
Erika Berglund.
Durango, Colorado.  U.S.A.
"My experience with One World Trading was very gratifying.  I needed help choosing a flute and received much help from Kirti. My email questions were answered very quickly and shipment was very fast. I highly recommend this website for Bansuri Flutes and music."
San Jose, California. USA.
I began communication with Kirti Shah from One World Trading, as I was looking for a Big Size C# Bass Flute. I was immediately suggested on the options and later was also advised on the kind of flute which I should go for. I ended up picking 2 marvelous flutes at a very reasonable price and well within my budget.
The delivery, response and advise was extremely professional, Kirti also offered me sound advise on  flute maintenance. My entire experience with One World Trading has has been a very trustworthy and gratifying one. For sure this sincerity and dedication is bound to get many more happy customers. Wishing Kirti and One World Trading lots of success.
Best Wishes !!
California, U.S.A.
Buying the Bansuri Guru CD-ROMs at One World Trading .Excellent communication with Kirti, and he gives always a good advice.You can buy with trust and that is getting very rare on the Internet these days! I will surely buy some bansuri flutes in the future. [And did you check the great bansuri cases?] Highly recommended!
Niko Neefs.
Leuven, Belgium [Europe]
"I must tell you that I was impressed with my first dealing with One World. I got an immediate response to my order, to confirm my address, and I received the kites 2 days later. It is very cold here, so I have not had a chance to try them out, but they look great [especially considering the low prices!]. I'll let you know how they fly as soon as the weather breaks."
Best Regards,
Mike Gillard.
Editor - Publisher. " Kiting " Magazine.
"I bought a Bansuri Flute from One World Flutes on the advice of a friend, the owner Kirti, took time and patience advising me and informing me about the properties of his flutes. He sent me flutes to try and I am extremely satisfied with the concert flute he eventually sold me I have never had a better buying experience, especially since I live 3000 miles away. I can thoroughly recommend Kirti Shah and One World Flutes to anyone contemplating buying a flute."
Stan Green.
Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada.
One World Trading is a GREAT site for purchasing Indian Classical Music CD's. Kirti, is a FANTASTIC person to deal with and was very knowledgeable about the music on the website. The service was EXTREMELY fast. All my transactions went very smoothly. I wish all my internet dealing were this easy. I highly recommend "One World Trading".
Robert Blyman.
Ronkonkoma, New York.  U.S.A.
Dear Kirti,
I'm really really happy that I have the C D 'Bombay Lounge' now.  I have been listening to it since it came.
Not to forget your quick service, that I really appreciate and am 100% satisfied with your prompt. I would definitely get in touch with you for my further audio C D purchases. Thanx a tonn !
Manju Rao.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  U.S.A.
G'Morning Kirti :
Just a note to let you know that the Fighter Kites all 7 and I are doing very good.
The instructions on how to bridle them with the included line works like a charm , they fly right out of my hand first try. The Mylar is a lot tougher then one might think and by putting a roll of scotch tape in my repair kit I'm in business even after getting them out of the trees. I have added a loop to the bottom [scotch taped it on] so I can add a tail for the kids. Sure makes the kites stable.
The fighters are a great kite to have at the ready in my truck, get to fly whenever, wherever.
Great kites at a great value and good service too !!
Richard Rumbin.
Blanco, Texas.  U.S.A.
"My experience with One World Kites was outstanding.  All products were shipped and received very quickly, included extra bonus items, and always came with helpful instructions, personally written for me by Kirti. He was also very quick to find products I was looking for, and extremely responsive to any questions I had. I can't think of a better place to buy (and learn about) traditional fighter kites."
Cindy Nichols.
Moorhead, Minnesota.  U. S. A.
I have two of  One World Flutes. I love them. As soon as I opened the package and unwraped them and started to play I was making music. They are so easy to play and the sound is warm and relaxing. I have lots of Native American Flutes. My Bansuris are my new favorite flutes !
Suzy Hogue.
Dallas, Texas.  U.S.A..

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