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Learn to Play Flute. DVD. $15.00
By Pandit Rupak Kulkarni.
Excellent source to learn how the Play the Flute.
Catalog : SA DVD 10070.
Learn to Play Flute.

The name Bansuri, called the Flute in English, has its roots in the word baans that means bamboo.
The Bansuri is among the world's oldest musical instruments. In its simplest form it's a hollow bamboo with seven holes. The Bansuri is originally used as a folk instrument and to accompany dance.
The Hindu deity Lord Krishna is often portrayed, playing the flute and it is often associated with magical or seductive powers. In addition the bansuri enjoys a distinguished place in the history of Indian music and mythology.
This DVD Learn to Play Flute, comprises of basic lessons tailored in a way that you can learn and practice playing the flute within the comfort of your home.
Contents :
1. History of Bansuri and Artist Profile. 6. Notes and Blowing Techniques.
2. Introduction of Bansuri. 7. Half Notes.
3. Types of Flutes. 8. Shudh Swar and Komal Swar.
4. Sitting Position and Fingering Techniques. 9. Exercises and Basic Lessons.
5. Pitch. 10. Concert Pattern.

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