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Subhash Thakur - Shuddh Madhyam Bansuris. Indian Bamboo Flutes.
Free [Shipping + Insurance] on all Subhash Thakur Flutes, Shipped within the USA. Till December 31, 2016.
Free Shipping + Insurance applies only to the Initial Order. NOT Returns and Exchanges.
World Class Flutes, created by Subhash Thakur. India's Premier Flutes Craftsman.
Note : Images shown are the Original Signature Hand Signed by Subhash Thakur. Newer Flutes will have the Name 'Subhash' Burnt on the Flute.
Subhash Thakur's Flutes are played by world's renowned artists ..... like Pandit Ronu Majumdar, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit Ravi Chandra, G. S. Rajan, Pandit Amarnath, Pravin Gorkhinde, Prasanna Pattanaik, Chetan Joshi, Pandit K. L. Ginde, T. R. Murti, Flute Raman, Naveen [A. R. Rahman's Flautist]  ..... to name a few.
The Tuning is Precise and Accurate. Excellent Craftsmanship with utmost attention to details.
Details .....
Shuddh Madhyam Bansuris, have a Total of 9 Holes. [1 Blow Hole plus 8 Tone Holes].
Shuddh Madhyam Bansuris, allows you to go down by a Half  Note lower than the 7- Hole Bansuri.: Meaning you can go down to Shuddh Madhyam [Ma] in the lowest octave in the same position, you can also play Shuddh Madhyam by turning the bansuri  inwards [towards you].
In the lower octave of seventh hole flute, it goes only till pancham. But, many flutists also play Tivra Madhyam by lowering down neck. But in eight hole flute, the seventh hole is used for tivra ma by knee and for Shuddh Madhyam, we use the lowering down of neck.
Difficult meend [glide] between 'Ma' and 'Pa' is achievable.
This Bansuri has 6 tone holes to be played with fingers, 7th hole with little finger [in flutes up to A Bass] or knee [in case of larger flutes] and the 8th hole is played with knee.
This Flute is a little longer and does demand any additional stretch on the fingers as the extra length adds up below the 6th finger hole.
Shuddh Madhyam Bansuris, created by Subhash Thakur are by Special Order Only !
Shuddh Madhyam Bansuris, are created from B n. Bass to C n. Bass.
Please add $15 to the Regular Price of  the - Subhash Thakur Flute.
On the Order Form, indicate it as Subhash Thakur Shuddh Madhyam Flute.

Information on Placing a Order .....
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