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Jeff Whittier Flutes. The Ultimate Bansuris.
Jeff Whittier .....  is the Master Craftsman of Bansuris. Popularly known as BansiJeff.
Spanning over 3 decades Jeff has created over 30,000 Flutes. Flutes created by Jeff have excellent workmanship, created from excellent bamboos and are classics.
Jeff's Bansuris have been played by Maestros like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit G. S. Sachdev, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao and the list goes on.
Notes .....
The First letter of the Flute call out denotes the Tonic [Indian SA]. Tonic is the Note played with Top 3 Finger Holes Closed.
The Second letter denotes the Key [Western Callout]. Key is the Note played with all 6 Finger Holes Closed.
Lengths and Diameters are Approximates. Thread Bindings may vary from images shown.
Note : Stock Flutes are 7 Finger Hole Design. 6 Finger Hole Flutes are by Special Order Only. Please specify on Order Form.
To watch Video by Sri Jeff Whittier on YouTube.
Jeff Whittier Flutes. L. Price. Notes.
Jeff Whittier Flute. F C. 
Tonic: F.  Key: C.
14" $50.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. E B. 
Tonic: E.  Key: B.
15" $55.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. D# B. 
Tonic: D#.  Key: B. Flat.
16" $60.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. D A. 
Tonic: D.  Key: A.
17" $65.00  
Jeff Whittier Flute. C#. 
Tonic: C#.  Key: G#.
18" $70.00  
Jeff Whittier Flute. C G. 
Tonic: C.  Key: G.  Length .
19" $75.00 Excellent beginners flute.
Jeff Whittier Flute. B. Bass. 
Tonic: B.  Key: F#.
20" $80.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. A# F. Bass. 
Tonic: A#.  Key: F.  Length
21" $90.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. A E. Bass. 
Tonic: A.  Key: E.
22" $100.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. G#. Bass. 
Tonic: G#.  Key: D#.
23" $115.00 Excellent beginners flute.
Jeff Whittier Flute. G D. Bass. 
Tonic: G.  Key: D.  Length .
24" $125.00 Excellent beginners flute.
Jeff Whittier Flute. F#. Bass. 
Tonic: F#.  Key: C#.
25" $150.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. F C. Bass. 
Tonic: F.  Key: C.
26" $175.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. Concert E B. 
Tonic: E.  Key: B.
27" $200.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. Concert D#. 
Tonic: D#.  Key: A#.
28" $225.00
Jeff Whittier Flute. D. Bass. 
Tonic: D.  Key: A.
29" $250.00
Bansuri Equivalent of the Silver Flute - $150
A seven finger hole Bansuri in the narrow bore with the Tonic G, is the bamboo flute most similar to the western instrument. Three holes closed sounds the note G while six finger holes closed sounds the note D.
To read Jeff Whittier Article. The Flute Man.  By Radhika Sharma. December 2002.

Information on Placing a Order .....
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